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Carlos Sousa - L200 Rally-Raid Driver.

Carlos Sousa
1990 Portuguese Cross Country Trophy 2nd Overall

1991 Portuguese Cross Country Trophy 2nd Overall
1992 Portuguese UMM Cross Country Trophy 1st Overall
1994 Portuguese Cross Country Trophy 3rd Overall
1995 Baja Portugal 1st T1 Profile
(Portuguese - Born : 16 January 1966)
Made his debut in the 1989 UMM Trophy of Portalegre. From 1990 to 1992 he continued to compete in the same series and, starting in 1990 with a third place, he went one better every year until he won the championship in 1992. He was contracted by Nissan in 1993, and then signed for Mitsubishi in 1994. Since then, he has been a member of the Portuguese Dealer Team. His records in the domestic and international events he has competed in are exceptional. 1995 and 1996 saw him competing in the domestic Portuguese championship and posting many victories in a T1 Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero. He then came third in T1 (Production Car) in the 1996 Paris-Dakar. The following year, he won the category and finished 10th overall in the Dakar, a result that made him the most successful Portuguese driver in the history of the Paris-Dakar. In 1998 he drove a different machine, a T3 (Prototype) Mitsubishi L200/Strakar that he brought to 2nd place in T3 in the Portuguese national championship. In 1999, not only did he score many wins in the domestic Portuguese series, but he also defeated Jean-Louis Schlesser in the Baja Portugal and thus recorded his first World Cup victory in his home event! Like fellow Mitsubishi drivers Shinozuka and Prieto, Sousa is making a come-back on the Dakar after the huge accident all three suffered at the same place last year in Egypt. But like the others, he has fully recovered and wishes to overcome past misfortune in 2001.
1995 Portuguese Cross Country Trophy 1st Overall
1996 Granada-Dakar 12th overall (3rd T1)
1996 Portuguese Cross Country Trophy 2nd Overall (1st T1)
1997 Dakar-Agades-Dakar 10th overall (1st T1)
1998 Paris-Granada-Dakar 17th overall
1998 Portuguese Cross Country Trophy 2nd (T3)
1999 Granada-Dakar 18th overall
1999 Baja Portugal 1st Overall
1999 Portuguese Cross Country Trophy 1st Overall
2000 Baja Portugal 2nd Overall
2000 Portuguese Cross Country Trophy 3rd Overall

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