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L200's In Sporting Events Around The Globe

Carlos Sousa & Al Hajri's L200's in the 2002 Dakar

Mitsubishi L200 Dakar Images.
Below are pictures of Carlos Sousa and his 2001 Dakar Strakar/L200

Carlos finishes 5th on the 2001 Paris - Dakar
Carlosspeaks from the 2001 Paris - Dakar 
When asked about finishingpositions Carlos Sousa said, "At worst in the first five, at best out in front.But it is impossible to make any firm predictions. The race will be decided inMauritania. You can't win it in Morocco - though you can easily lose!' The onlyworks Mitsubishi driver in a 'pick-up', Sousa puts his original choice down tothe imperatives of marketing. 'Mechanically my car is identical to the Pajero,though it is narrower and more stable thanks to a longer wheelbase. In additionit is faster in a straight line.'

More information about Carlos here
More information about the DakarL200 here

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