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The Mitsubishi L200 Pick-up Specifications Page.

Body Dimensions.

           Single Cab

Club Cab Double Cab 
(4Life/Eurocab/Warrior ETC)
Length 4935mm (Late models 5010mm) 5125mm 4935mm (Late models 5125mm)
Wheelbase 2960mm 2960mm 2960mm
Height 1585mm (2WD) 
1775mm (4WD)
1775mm 1780mm (1800mm)
Width 1695mm 1695mm 1695mm (1775mm)
Front Track 1450mm (2WD)  
1420mm (4WD)
1420mm (1465mm)
Rear Track 1435mm 1435mm (1480mm)
Ground Clearance 190mm (2WD)  
215mm 215mm (Late models 235mm)
Bed Length 2245mm 1830mm 1500mm


                                  Non-Turbo Turbo V6
Engine Type In-Line, 4 Cylinder OHC. In-Line, 4 Cylinder SOHC, Turbocharged Diesel with Intercooler V6 Petrol
Fuel System  Indirect injection  Indirect injection (Later models through a rotary VE type pump) .Fuel Injection
Engine Size  2477cc,  91.1mm (Bore) x 95.0mm (Stroke)  2477cc,  91.1mm (Bore) x 95.0mm (Stroke) .2972cc, 91.1 (Bore) x 76.0 (Stroke
Power Output (57KW) at 4000RPM  98/113 BHP (73/85KW) at 4000 RPM .133kw (178 bhp) @ 5250rpm
Torque Output (158 NM) at 2500 RPM  177 Lb/Ft (240 NM) at 2000 RPM .255Nm @ 4500 rpm
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